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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sexually assaulting several students. paul wagner is standing by live in waldorf with the details. paul? >> reporter: shawn and marina we're learning more about where carlos bell had access to other children other than here at stoddert middle school. where investigators say he had sexually assaulted young boys. we now know that he had coached at a track club here in charles county. we know that he worked in before and after care at two elementary schools here in the county. and we also know that he worked for the county as a facilities attendant. investigators are asking for more help. the president of comets of charles county issued this statement to fox 5. the comets of charles county have been in constant communication with the authorities providing them with the information they need to conduct their investigation.
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we and prayers to the families affected. it's unclear at this point if any of the boys bell coached with the comets were victims of sexual assault. investigators still continue to review videos discovered on the 30-year-old electronic devices and interview boys he may have had contact with. according to the sheriff's office. bell sexual assaulted some of his victims inside stoddert middle school in waldorf as well as inside his home on joe hannah corporate. he's accused of assaulting boys who would have attended the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. now, we've learned bell worked for a third party contractor. and before and after care, at j p ryan and william wade elementary schools. a spokesperson said he was employed by alpha best in the avalanche 2015. he worked briefly in 2008 for the county government
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facility attend for the department of community services. they say he worked as a track coach at la play ta and now we learn he was a coach in a variety of locations in the greater washington area. >> couple of other things we learned here last couple of hours, we learned that according to the school system, he showed up at west lake high school for a school track meet, and was noticed and was told to leave, and was told that he had been trespassing after he was told not to come on to school grounds. that was just this past may. there was also a parent who reached out to us to say that no letter went out to the stoddert students's parents here back in december when he was told to leave school and not to come back to the grounds here. that is correct. there was no letter sent out. however, there was letters sent out to the parents of the students on the track team over at la
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because that's where he was track coach. we also know that the principal and the coach also spoke individually with the members of that track team. the investigators still looking for more help here in charles county. if you know of anyone that might have something in any connection to mr. bell, you're asked to call 800 call fbi. live in waldorf, paul wagner fox 5 local news. in prince william's county, police arrested this woman for allegedly inappropriately touching a family member. police say sarah kalado is charged with penetrating a five young boy, it happened on june ten and at a home that wood bridge. victim told one of his teacher whose contacted child protective services, she's currently being held without bond. the 4th of july was a violent day across our region. there were at least seven shootings in dc and maryland overnight. two deadly. one of those homicides happened in the district. police say someone shot a man to death around
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along galveston street in northwest. police are still looking for the gunman who broke into a second floor apartment and shot a person around 4:00 a.m. at the cascade apartments in at the 4200 block of six and in southeast. no word on the victim's identity or condition. that second deadly shooting happened in maryland. prince george's county police say someone shot and killed a man around 1:00 a.m. it happened in the 2800 block of darryl drive in suitland. police aren't sure if any of the shootings are connected. (inaudible). new tonight, you just heard that emotional radio call made by an nypd officer. today, just moments after their partner was fatally shot. officer miosotis familia was sitting inside her patrol vehicle when a gunman walked up and fired. new york police are calling this morning's attack a clear
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the bronx, the suspect 34-year-old alexander bonds was allegedly seen on surveillance video shooting. he was later shot and killed after pulling a gun on pursuing officers. this is a picture of the gun police believe was used in that murder. a bystander was shot in the cross fire but injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. officer famila was a 12-year veteran of the police force, so far, there's no indication the gunman knew the officer. a baltimore police are dealing with a tragedy that hit close to home. the younger brother was murdered over the weekend. tj smith said his brother was shot and killed while sitting in his epa, police released this surveillance video of a man they're trying to identify in connection with the murder. smith says his brother's death has been hard for their family. >> when i saw his name come across, dionay, i just knew, y
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other family member, i'm in denial and i called the cell phone immediately and of course, there was no answer and i remember -- when i called, i was hoping he answered, because even what i was doing, even just the fear that it was him, i was going to wherever he was to hug him. and i didn't get a chance to do that. >> it was the 173rd homicide. since then, three additional homicides since his death on sunday. new information about a man detained by immigration officials. who made daring escape prompting a massive manhunt in northern virginia. police say carlos mendez assault add transport worker and escaped custody between the exits of loudoun county parkway and old
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ox road. monday afternoon, he was captured then rearrested about two hours later. he now faces charges of assault and battery. court documents show he had been deported five times since 2007. president trump won the lexus but he continues pushing allegations of voter fraud >> 44 states and the district are pushing back. fox 5 political reporter ronica cleary joins us with the latest. ronica. >> reporter: shawn and marina, the president signed an executive order to investigate and look into voter fraud across the country to create a commission to do so. it has some states responding and basically saying not so fast. some reports say as many as 44 states will not comply with at least part of the commission's request. we obtained a copy of the letter that was sent to each state. the request is vast. it first starts with open-ended requests for information about the current situation in
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state, current potential instances of voter fraud that may or may not exist, but then it goes on to ask for specific personal voter information. now, to be clear, the letter a explicitly states that it only want this information if it is currently publicly available. some of the information it rests, let's take a look, asks for your first and last name, birth date, last four digits of social security number. your voter history and the party that you identity with. whether or not you have a criminal record. then it goes on to say that it will make this information public. i sat down with maryland's attorney general today. maryland is a states that taken they cannot and will not comply with this request. but really, the question on my mind is if this information is already publicly available, why can't they pass it along to the commission? take a listen. >> it's not already available. it may be made p
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circumstances or available to somebody in certain circumstances. >> you're saying none of the information they're requesting is public in maryland on voter data? >> what i'm saying is there are circumstances in which some of this information can be made available. not the ones that they have used. you can get my voter history if you're asked for it in the right way. but to compile a national database of everybody's voting history, their social security number, last four, criminal background, military service, that's scary. it's not appropriate. it's an invasion of privacy and they shouldn't be doing it. >> reporter: comes to a national database you heard attorney general reference that, the white house responded saying that is absolutely not true. and that personally identifiable information will not be made available. they released an extensive statement meanwhile there are news reports that 44
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refused to provide voter information to the commission, these reports are patently false. more, quote, fake news. of at present, only 14 states and the district of columbia have refused the commission's request for publicly available voter information. this bipartisan commission on election integrity will continue to work to gather the facts through public records request to insure the integrity of each american's vote because the public has right to know. now, the maryland attorney general he also that said this type of information requesting it can cause voter intimidation, we're going to take a deeper look at that on 5at630 and also give you what we love to call the pulse of the people. make sure you tune in. reporting live in wheaton, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. straight ahead, paint ball wars happening in some dc neighborhoods, but not all neighbors are happy. gary? >> reporter: what's going on? do you know this? this guy?
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waldo from where's wal do? politics and pros has an interesting and fun way to celebrate wal do's 30th anniversary, i'll tell you exactly what they're doing their. i know where caitlin is, she's following the weather >> i can't wait for you to find him, you got the perfect eye where for the story. check in with gary coming up and your weather for tonight. a lot of heavy rain, about 20 to 30 miles south of dc but getting closer, how they could impact your evening forecast, a lot of rain headed our way for tomorrow. coming up in your seven-day forecast. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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. new video which shows dozens of people shooting paint ball gun, krysten is live. not only
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dangerous yet many seem to be ok. >> reporter: good evening, that's right we spoke with neighbors both sides. some are surprisingly believe it or not, they say that they are ok with it. and in this case, it's a family friendly activity that happens in their area quite often. take a look. qukrysten leon. >> reporter: some people describe it as a call of duty war fare again taking place on the streets near benning terrace, you can see about a dozen older guys shooting from the roofs of the complex and also if you take a closer look, they're shooting from the sun roofs of their vehicles there. now, some neighbors like i mentioned we spoke to and they were telling us that it's part of their -- not necessarily every day routine, but it's just something that people do out there because everyone knows everyone. in this case, they say they just want to have
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>> it's a fun thing to do. guess what? this is family here. all this right here public housing this is family. we're altogether. whoever gave that call, whoever gave that call, i don't know why. but this is, what we do. this is our family thing, this is what we do. >> reporter:. we apologize, a little technical difficulty there. we will have much more on this story, the paint ball wars going on and reaction from the city coming up tonight on fox 5 news at 10:00 and 10:30. here ap look what's coming up 5at630. leaders around the world will meet and president trump will come face-to-face for the first time with russian president vladimir putin. first why is apple
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. gary mcgrady live at politics and pros with more on the scavenger hunt. you found all the waldos yet? >> no, i have not. i still can't find them. it's hard. look. of imagine that? you got to find waldo in all of that. such a popular kid series. mark villa is here with politics and pros >> we teamed up with waldo's publisher and having a month-long scavenger hunt. >> it's called passport >> you go to bunch of local businesses and there's a small waldo hiding in each establishment >> what happens when you find him >> you get, when you find one in the store, you get a signature from store keeper. you can come in and get a prize back when
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you're entered into a raffle. >> overachiever, which is wonderful already completed this. how long did it take him to do that >> we started contest on saturday. today is the 5th. a couple of days. >> reporter: they've been busy. show us what they're looking for here. this isn't waldo, now, there's two waldos hidden in politics and pros and one -- wenda, one of the ones hiding here. >> reporter: give us a little bit of -- real quick, we don't want give everybody an idea of where >> we have waldo hiding in the coffee house and one hiding upstairs. >> reporter: you got to find 20 of them around the area here, at wonderful thing. 30th anniversary of where's waldo, politics and pros, back to you in the studio >> great way to get kids out there. those who don't know get to learn a little, have a little fun. >> i
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deas a kid. 25 of them? that's a tall order. >> if you got the time. it can be fun. >> there you go. >> i saw your tweet just a second ago about the rain showers coming in >> if anyone is heading out, maybe delays there. looks like wet roads. i'm glad this one last night. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> because you know, kind of felt like we really squeezed in a nice night for the fireworks at the national mall. i know annapolis was a different story, we're going to have to watch radar, i don't think the rain will get as far north as that section of anne arundel county, but sprinkles in the district, and there's some heavy rain in alexandria moving quickly north wards, we'll get do radar in a second. this will be headline that will take us through thursday, maybe into early friday. waves of showers and storms, what was got a installed cold front and low pressure riding along, ingredients for heavy rain. that is possible. now, all day
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heavy rain develop south of washington across portions of southern maryland, central virginia, and the bands of heaviest rain, which were in about waldorf about an hours ago have now made it as far north as inside beltway alexandria. you can see that line extending from just north of 66 centreville gainsville and stretching through arlington and now pushing into southern sections of prince george's county. getting a little bit closer. pockets of heavy rain in southern prince george's county, there's alexandria and over towards lor ton berk, this area, dale city got to be a nasty commute. creeping closer ton northbound 395 and you can see the leading edge of this rain is not far from southwest dc. how far it gets, how far north is still questionable. it's already gotten further north than i anticipated. we'll have to wait and see. but i would expect if you're heading out to nats park bring the rain jacket. you're going to need it and expect possibly delays if this heavy rain does move in and lasts for
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82 at first pitch. if it's not raining it's still kind of cloudy and human and damp and the rain should lessen. temperatures outside, 83 dc, 82 baltimore, rain cold air 74 manassas 74 in culpeper. futurecast, showing the area of rain over dc over the next hour or two, it wants to move it out quickly. we're going to have to wait and see by evening a little bit quieter. then here's our second wave of rain, starting us off early for the commute sections of heavy rain thursday at 8:00 a.m. and the whole area is as you say septemberible to heavy rain, pockets of thunderstorms, 1:00 another wave pushing through, let's get to 6:00, 7:00. if this holding true, no one is moving anywhere on major roads, this is a nasty complex and there will be imbedded thunderstorms, marginal severe threat tomorrow. by friday morning, much of that rain is long gone of out of here. friday could be a savagible day. a marginal risk for severe weather in the district for tomorrow and biggest concern will
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moving heavy rain producing storms, you can still get strong wind and large hail but the biggest concern will be the flash flooding. not a nice thursday, no. that is our forecast for thursday. just a slight chance of a thunderstorm on friday. our payoff is the weekend. beautiful. a lot less humid sunshine temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. still sunny and warm as we head to monday and a chance for thunderstorms returns tuesday and wednesday, i want to focus on that weekend because we're coming off a long holiday weekend for so many of you and the weather was a little dicey and this will be amazing, great beach weather, dc weather, saturday, sunday looks beautiful >> thank goodness it's the weekend >> 68. >> i know, that's winning in the summertime >> july >> that's real winning, thanks, caitlin. >> good-bye fingerprint reader, hello facial recognition system. it has been reported apple will use this software for the iphone 8. it can verify payme
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if it ain't broke don't fix it. new cafe are creating what they call liquefied goodness. they pour ice cream chop it up, freeze it, roll it up and they can add toppings in. kind of looks -- interesting. the product? cost about 6 bucks. looks like they added strawberry in there and put it in a little cup. you know what >> i'm test it. absolutely. >> is that >> they roll it. so there's a
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place in dc. i can't remember the name. i've tried it. it's the new thing in ice cream, they roll it. it's delicious. tastes a little different. >> it's almost sweeter, i thought >> i'm all for it. you got to try to reinvent things attracts people into the shop and they're making money good for them. >> try it this summer. rolled ice cream. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> keep it here. 5at630 right after the break.
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. ♪ ♪ ♪. president trump days away from crucial meetings from russian president vladimir putin and angela merkel at the g 20 summit in germany >> this is one of our top talkers tonight at 6:30, you're invited as always to join us. president trump is in poll land, he is expected to sit down with vladimir putin the white house isn't saying a lot about this meeting but a top russian advisor said the men will discuss the conflicts in syria and ukraine. there is no confirmation from the white house if they will talk about russia's interference in last year's u.s. presidential election >> joining to his talk about the trip and more is niles stand itch and


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